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E Dan

Hello, my name is Matthew and I have been training at Pocono Tang Soo Do for 7
years. I started in the fourth grade when I was 10 years old and currently I am a
junior attending Stroudsburg High School and the County VoTech and am 17 years
old. I am studying Precision Machining and looking to study Aerospace
Engineering in college.

I enjoy spending time with my friends, playing sports and working out. I am an
Antler which is the junior division of the Elks. I enjoy volunteering in the
community and have helped the Stroudsburg Wesleyan Church with their food
bank over the last year.

I am currently employed at Shop Rite at the Stroud Mall managing the front end. I
am in the process of transitioning thru MCTI’s Co-op program for a Tool Company
as a CNC Machinist.

Tang Soo Do has changed my life in so many ways. I have learned discipline, self-
defense and have grown as a person. I really enjoy participating at tournaments
and motivating and cheering on my fellow students. I enjoy teaching color belts to
build on their knowledge.

Matt Wall: About
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